Build in a box entrepreneurship Camp

Tanzania Women in Energy Development (TAWOED) is working not only to increase women participation in Energy sector but it works to provide Capacity and Ability to youths especially young girls. On 22ndand 23rd June, TAWOED participated in a youth camp that was organized by African Leadership Academy (ALA) in partnership with Divine Outreach Foundation (DOF).

The camp was having a name of BUILD IN A BOX ENTREPRENEURSHIP CAMP which provides trainings on:


B-BELIEVE-Believe on yourself that you can do it and make that change .

U-UNDERSTAND-Understand challenges and needs found in your society.

I-INVENT-Invent multiple solutions to problems and challenges facing your society.

L-LISTERN-Listen careful to be able to give right feedbacks

DELIVER-Deliver the right aid depending on the need of your society

Participants were able to build different Business models that can be applied in our society so as to solve some of the existing problems.

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